Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple keeping with a one years cycle time on iPad?

Seems Apple is keeping with a standard cycle time on new products, according to the Rumor Mill ( AKA Digitimes) It appears that glass and digitizer companies are already passing QA for the 2nd Generation iPad, which is slated to have a front facing camera, a lighter body, and for some reason .... not even kidding .... they're releasing an iPad mini. Seriously.
I feel like we've covered this..........

      At this point, one of two things is happening

  • Apple Fanboy "OMG iPad Mini!! I need one right now. Its all the awesome of the iPad, but in a smaller format, easy to carry around in my pocket and take with me! It even plays MP3's!!"
  • Everyone Else "Um. Didn't the iPod touch come out like 4 years ago?"
We'll see what Apple does here, I hope they make something decent that I'll want to buy, but frankly, they haven't had anything that really hit me in 3+ years.

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