Monday, May 2, 2011

On the PSN? Good news!! No... its not back up....

So the Playstation Network was dropped almost a full week ago, and there is no word as to when it might come back online. Literally millions of players are completely offline, and Sony doesn't have an ETA. But they did call the FBI....

Because when Sony screws up, they do it right. Not only is the PSN down, but they've lost millions of users data. 77 Million users to be exact, unencrypted, with clear-text passwords. And on top of that, 1 in 7 had full Credit Card info on file. I'm amazed they haven't been sued yet. So they've called in the FBI to basically cover for their massive mistakes....No word yet on what they can actually DO though. The damage has been done, the database files are available online to basically anyone who wants to dig, and 77 Million users have their information up for grabs.

Oh well. Back to my Xbox.

Size Matters. Did Apple change their designs on iPhone 4 White?

Almost a full year after the release of the iPhone4, Apple decides to finally unveil the iPhone4 White model. No one knows quite why it took so long to come out with, and we've heard some crazy things from the Apple camp on this, but one thing is for certain. It got bigger.

In fact, it got SO much bigger, that some very precise cases wont actually FIT the new device. On average its about 0.2mm thicker than the black model, and according to Apple, its due to "Increased Heat Shielding" and "Advanced UV Protection". Basically they couldn't paint it white without it getting yellow in the sun and from the heat of the device. So they had to bulk up on the shielding and paint apparently.

Regardless, still a sexy phone, and probably the only iPhone I'd be caught dead with.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

YAY Dell and Alienware listened to me!

Alienware has long been the #1 Maker of Performance laptops and desktops, and since the Dell buyout several years ago, they've taken the XPS market to a whole new level. The only problem has been a limited product list. For years, they had just 2 models of laptops, the Flagship M15x (15 inch model) and the M17x (17 inch model). Last year they released the "Netbook for Gamers" a small 11 inch powerhouse, featuring the Intel ULV processors and a 1GB GT335. I almost bought one several times, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. The M15x has always been to big and chunky, and the M11x was too small.....but THIS porridge is just right.

Spy shots have been leaked (as have some specs) on the new Alienware M14x laptop. Sandybridge CPU, 1600x900 screen, and a Nvidia GT555m all wrapped up in a 14 inch form factor. They're going with the Matte black or red finish, and I really cant wait to buy one. I'd love for some USB3 action, and a BluRay drive, but we'll see what they release.

These will apparently hit the shelves Tuesday.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Galaxy S finally get the Gingerbread treatment

One of the phones that really got the Android devices in the hands of the Canadian Public is getting an update this week. The Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) device got the coveted 2.3 series update rolled out last night, and it seems that it will soon be available for all carriers (Telus and Bell)

What does this mean for you? Well Gingerbread will give you better battery life, up to 25% better in some tests, and it will also have better app management, giving you more control over what you have on your phone. 

It should be out in the next month for all you "un-rooted" users, so keep your eye out, and enjoy the upgrade

Monday, January 17, 2011

In case you DIDN'T Know.... BFG Is gone. Totally.

I made a passing reference to BFG, one of the BEST video card companies of the last decade and I realized, some people aren't aware of what happened to them. BFG Tech use to make video cards specifically for nVidia,  and were considered the Gamers Choice because of their excellent warranty services and their ease of Overclockability. Last year however, they decided to switch to making Power Supplies, and everyone was slightly concerned. 
This doesn't look anything like a Power Supply

Obviously, this didn't go well. Less than a year after the switch to Power Supplies they were completely bankrupt. They tried to warranty customers cards, but lasted about 2 months after that. Now they don't even have a website. The BFG Tech site is completely dead, and anyone who has a card from them is totally screwed.  Let this be a warning for you!! *cough cough OCZ cough*  Stick to what you're good at. 

OCZ Not making memory now? Remember when they were awesome?

OCZ announced last week that they will stop making Desktop/Laptop ram totally.... And focus on SSD Drives. Like, all-eggs-in-one-basket style.... I don't know who OK'd this move, but it just seems pointless. OCZ has made a name for itself as THE Performance Memory company. Their SSD drives are decent, but they're not the best. They're 2nd or 3rd in the market. So why are they totally SCRAPING the perfectly normal business model?

I'm hoping they know what they're doing here... I really love OCZ as a company and they've always made some bang-on products and had great tech support..... I'm just hoping they dont turn into BFG..... Because BFG did the same thing about a year ago....

New Intel Core i7 Chips hitting shelves now.... Whats this mean for you?

Intel finally launched their new class if Core i7 Processors, and totally scrapped their entire naming convention. I'm not sure why they did this, but now instead of a i7 920 or i7 930, we now have the i7 2600K. They're based on the Sandy Bridge technology that Intel announced back in 2009, and in the past 18 months, we've seen nothing really from Intel, and we've almost forgotten these were launching at CES.

Frankly, this thing is massive...And according to everyone who's had their hands on them, they can overclock easily to 6Ghz+. I know is been a long time since I've done any serious overclocking, but 6Ghz is just amazing. We use to have the 4Ghz cap, and frankly, I haven't owned a machine above 3ghz in years. My Intel i7 920 was running at 2.8ghz, and never needed anything faster.....Intel is just cramming more and more onto their chips, I'll be ordering one of these Feb 1st, and I cant wait to see what we see for performance :)

Also, I'll be looking to see how far behind AMD will be on this... They're a full 2 years behind now.....