Monday, January 17, 2011

In case you DIDN'T Know.... BFG Is gone. Totally.

I made a passing reference to BFG, one of the BEST video card companies of the last decade and I realized, some people aren't aware of what happened to them. BFG Tech use to make video cards specifically for nVidia,  and were considered the Gamers Choice because of their excellent warranty services and their ease of Overclockability. Last year however, they decided to switch to making Power Supplies, and everyone was slightly concerned. 
This doesn't look anything like a Power Supply

Obviously, this didn't go well. Less than a year after the switch to Power Supplies they were completely bankrupt. They tried to warranty customers cards, but lasted about 2 months after that. Now they don't even have a website. The BFG Tech site is completely dead, and anyone who has a card from them is totally screwed.  Let this be a warning for you!! *cough cough OCZ cough*  Stick to what you're good at. 

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