Monday, January 17, 2011

OCZ Not making memory now? Remember when they were awesome?

OCZ announced last week that they will stop making Desktop/Laptop ram totally.... And focus on SSD Drives. Like, all-eggs-in-one-basket style.... I don't know who OK'd this move, but it just seems pointless. OCZ has made a name for itself as THE Performance Memory company. Their SSD drives are decent, but they're not the best. They're 2nd or 3rd in the market. So why are they totally SCRAPING the perfectly normal business model?

I'm hoping they know what they're doing here... I really love OCZ as a company and they've always made some bang-on products and had great tech support..... I'm just hoping they dont turn into BFG..... Because BFG did the same thing about a year ago....

1 comment:

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