Sunday, April 17, 2011

YAY Dell and Alienware listened to me!

Alienware has long been the #1 Maker of Performance laptops and desktops, and since the Dell buyout several years ago, they've taken the XPS market to a whole new level. The only problem has been a limited product list. For years, they had just 2 models of laptops, the Flagship M15x (15 inch model) and the M17x (17 inch model). Last year they released the "Netbook for Gamers" a small 11 inch powerhouse, featuring the Intel ULV processors and a 1GB GT335. I almost bought one several times, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. The M15x has always been to big and chunky, and the M11x was too small.....but THIS porridge is just right.

Spy shots have been leaked (as have some specs) on the new Alienware M14x laptop. Sandybridge CPU, 1600x900 screen, and a Nvidia GT555m all wrapped up in a 14 inch form factor. They're going with the Matte black or red finish, and I really cant wait to buy one. I'd love for some USB3 action, and a BluRay drive, but we'll see what they release.

These will apparently hit the shelves Tuesday.

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