Monday, May 2, 2011

On the PSN? Good news!! No... its not back up....

So the Playstation Network was dropped almost a full week ago, and there is no word as to when it might come back online. Literally millions of players are completely offline, and Sony doesn't have an ETA. But they did call the FBI....

Because when Sony screws up, they do it right. Not only is the PSN down, but they've lost millions of users data. 77 Million users to be exact, unencrypted, with clear-text passwords. And on top of that, 1 in 7 had full Credit Card info on file. I'm amazed they haven't been sued yet. So they've called in the FBI to basically cover for their massive mistakes....No word yet on what they can actually DO though. The damage has been done, the database files are available online to basically anyone who wants to dig, and 77 Million users have their information up for grabs.

Oh well. Back to my Xbox.

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