Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BlackPad? ugh, seriously BlackBerry, you're killing me

Dear BlackBerry CEO Mike Lazaridis,
You are not Apple. I realize this might come as a shock to you, but you're not. Please stop trying to compete against them for the same customers. You WILL loose, every time. Stop trying to play Catch-Up. Its just getting pathetic.
When I started using your products in 2001(?) I was drawn in by the innovation. In a world where T9 text was the king, you brought out the QWERTY keyboard in a respectable form factor. You continued to make great phones on great networks for the next 8 years. Your problem came when Apple released the iPhone. You should have just let them be, but what did you do? You created the BlackBerry Storm, designed as the iPhone killer. How'd that work out for you? Hmm. Not so well. Then you made a Storm2 but left the same basic design flaws in it.
In the mean time you've released some great consumer products, dont get me wrong. I personally hated the Pearl but its been a great seller for you, and people obviously love it. And who can forget the Curve. This is THE best selling phone in the US today (Yes, more than the iPhone) and its where you really started to shine as a consumer driven product. The Bold and Bold2 were both amazing products and remain today the Enterprise standard for a serious businessman.
See any trends? Whenever you blaze a trail for yourself, you make an amazing product, regardless of the market. Whenever you try to follow Apple, you end up looking foolish, and producing something that doesnt deserve the BlackBerry name.

Ugh....Seriously? Your App Store sucks.....

So what brings this rant up? It turns out that Monday you will be releasing the BlackPad. All racial jokes aside, I dont know what the hell you're thinking!! There is one market for a 8 inch tablet, and its currently Apples. You're just copying a format that they've developed and as much as I'd like to hope it will succeed, I know it wont.
So please, for god sakes, please make something revolutionary again. You're not Apple. Stop trying to be.

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  1. i dont know, it seams aple played catch up with archos, a company who isnt known for mobile devices, alot of people never heard of archos, but when aple put out the ipod touch, the 120 gb archos with a bigger screen was barely cheaper then the 16 gb ipod touch, and now archos has a 9' internet device with a 500 gb HDD for less then the ipad,.... i dont like the idea either of blackberry making a pad, but if they throw in a 500 gb HDD and and something with an amazing battery they most likey will do very good, ive talked to many many BB users who talk about getting a ipad, but id never buy either, id just buy a laptop as i hate touch devices, and if i wanted a touch device id get a tablet laptop. and as we all know aple makes proprietary devices, hence why the last time ive owned a aple product was years ago... i bought the 60 GB classic and returned it the next day when i relised that it wasnt a mass storage device, im rooting for blackberry on this one, as the ipad seams to be a huge hit, and im personally a hater when it comes to aple... in a perfect world blackberry would steal there market, but unfortanity most people are morons and want iphones and ipods and ipads, people need to relise that just because apple inovated mp3 players and media devices dosent mean there the best.

    But all in all man i enjoy your rants, always have something interesting to say, and you know what your talkin about, keep it up man ill keep coming back