Monday, January 17, 2011

What sort of Madness!! Wireless Video Cards??

We've had wireless Mice and keyboards for about 8 years now. When they came out, they were revolutionary. They sucked batteries like crazy, but my god, they were awesome. Then we had Wireless Speakers, great for the home theater where running wires isnt an option. Wireless Headsets for gaming? Sure why not. Wireless for transferring data to your BlackBerry? Again, great idea.  But what about Wireless HD Video?

Galaxy started smoking crack cocaine last year, and decided everyones life would be MUCH better if we could just hook up our video signal wirelessly. And hell, while we're at it, lets give this monster 5 antenna. And have a range of 100 feet!! In all seriousness, I have no idea what they were thinking, or who their target market was. Its a nice midrange video card (The GTX460 1GB model) so it will game quite well.... But I dont know any gamers who have said to me "You know what I need? I need my PC to be in a different room as my monitor"

But what do I know? I just write about this stuff....

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