Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best 8 Dollars you will spend this week.

       Netflix has gone live in Canada this week, and its awesome. I signed up for it today, 7.99 a month or something like that, and has unlimited on demand streaming for Movies and TV shows.
    So for anyone who doesnt know what this service is, I'll sum it up quickly. Netflix is a service that originally started as a Mail only DVD Movie service. You pay per month, and Netflix mails you a DVD. You return the old DVD and they send you a new one. It was a great service just like that, and for 10 bucks a month it was cheaper than renting 2 DVDs. 
     Flash forward 3 years, They've effectively put BlockBuster out of business in the USA, and they decide to offer on demand  streaming via PC and various other means. Currently they offer PS3 and Wii streaming, and XBox 360. This basically covers anyone who has any gaming console from this generation. Its as simple as setting the device online and activating it with your account. You then search for the movie you want to see, and wait (at most) 30 seconds for it to start streaming. 

Thats it. Seriously.
     I've never had a solution for on-demand video that I'd recommend to my mother, but this is totally it. If you havent tried it, give it a shot, they give you 2 weeks for free, and if you love movies and TV shows, then it WILL be the best 8 dollars you spend.

      So I got home, excited to hook up this service on a Wii that I literally never use. First thing I had to do (so I thought) was the system updates, which obviously pooched my mod. I was pissed, but whatever, I never play it. Then I noticed, theres not Wii Channel for Netflix. Turns out you need the Wii DVD from Netflix...Its free... and you dont even need to update your Wii. The I find it on a torrentsite. EpicFail.

Now I'm off to remod my Wii.

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