Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 10 Computer Certifications

     I get a lot of questions this, from up and coming computer geeks, as well as geeks that have been in the business for 10+ years. "Whats the best industry certification to get to prove my worth on a resume?"
There are 2 schools of thought on this. One of the IT Professionals I work with on a daily basis feels that there is no benefit to Certs, but guys like myself think that any IT Pro worth his money will make the time to get the papers for his job.
     With this in mind, I'm recapping the list of Top 10 IT Certifications to get. These will help you get a new job in IT, or prove to your boss that you need a raise.
  1. MCITP -              Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  2. MCTS -               Microsoft Certified Technology Specialst
  3. Network +           Old as Dirt Network based cert from CompTIA
  4. A+                       Old as Dirt PC Hardware based cert from CompTIA
  5. CSSA                  Certified SonicWall Security Administrator
  6. CCNA                 Cisco Certified Network Associate
  7. ACTC                  Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
  8. ACSP                  Apple Certified Support Professional
  9. CISSP                 Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  10. PMP                    Project Management Professional
        I Didnt actually expect to see some like the PMP on there, or even the ACTC. But with Apple machines really getting out there, its a great cert to have to prove you're a real dedicated tech.

Sound off. What Certs do you have??

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