Monday, September 27, 2010

Netflix Set Top Boxes

No surprise, the biggest question I've got this week was "So I've got netflix....How do I put it on my TV??" Its a great question, and one that has an answer for every budget. So without further ado, here are's top 5 ways to get Netflix on the big screen.
  1. Media Center PC - These big expensive machines have long been "the way to go" for your hardcore media-center enthousiasts. They can be built on any budget, from 200-1500$ dollars, and can do everything including Netflix, Windows Media Center, and all your torrent downloads. However, they're big and expensive. And usually pretty fugly......
  2. Nintendo Wii - Probably one of the most common consoles on the market today, it seems everyone has a Wii someplace, regardless if they play it. Upsides include a nice wireless remote, WiFi built right into the console, and they're cute and quiet. The downside however is the lack of HD Streaming. The Wii can only do 720i at best.   
  3. Western Digitals Live TV Plus - I'm listing this here to include most of the SetTop streamers including the RokuBox. These have network ports right on them, they do 1080P and all that jazz, and are tiny. Some have Wifi and all of them will stream media you already have from your Windows file shares. Downside? Only 3 of these actually support netflix right now. I'm not happy about that.
  4. iPod - Yea, I know. I'm not recommending anything Apple obviously, but its a commonly overlooked option. You can purchase the HD Out cables for your iPhone or iPod touch and then hook them directly into your TV. Downsides? Its Apple. Upsides? Cost. If  you already own an iPod this is free and very decent.
  5. Netflix Enabled TV - This option is only on the list for people already interested in buying a new TV. Panasonic, LG and Sony all have TV's that will hook right up to the internet and start downloading netflix movies within minutes of being out of the box. Great option if you're considering a new TV. Not great if you just dropped 3000 on your new 3D TV.
All said and done, there are great options for any price. A used Wii will cost 150 bucks at a pawn shop. A new HDTV will cost about 1400 and do the same thing, while an iPod touch works perfect if you already own one.


  1. What about the AppleTV being released Oct 6th?

  2. Im about to buy - Logitech Dinovo mini, price tag is a little steap at about 150$ for a remote, but if youve already put alot of money into building a solid media centre, you really dont want a keyboard and mouse sitting around, this tiny little thing gives you both, i bought a remote for my pc then relised how the hell am i suppose to type... this is the only option lol... as far as i can tell