Friday, October 22, 2010

An interesting move by ATi

Most geeks have heard of Moores Law. It basically states that every 2 years, processors will be twice as fast, or half as cheap. This happens when you see the 499.99 dollar laptops that are faster than 799.99 laptops from last christmas, and when 1000GB hard drives are cheaper than 500GB hard drives from just 6 months ago.

ATi has decided to use that to their advantage and once again gain an edge on nVidia. They launched their 6870 and 6850 series video cards today, shipping in Canada from and for as low as 169.99 for the lower end model. When I first looked into the reviews, I was shocked, and frankly upset. In some places, the ATi 5870 from a year ago did better than the 6870 from 3 days ago. But then I looked at the price point. The ATi 5870 today sell for 429.99 from any online reseller. The loaded full blown 6870 sells for 299.99. Its hard to pass up 130 dollars in savings, and they boast new features, such as 5 video out ports for the Cinematic HD Surround View and much lower power modes.

So will it be faster that the 5870 you have now? Nope. Will you upgrade your current 57xx or 58xx? Nope. But if you've got anything from the 4000 or below, or are building a new system, ATi is SURE to have your business with these amazing cards for under 300 dollars.

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