Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Netbooks....... Screw You Steve Jobs!

So some of you remember, back in 2008, Steve Jobs said "Apple will never make a netbook, there is no market, and Apple would not make such a piece of junk"  And really, who could blame them? The netbook market is tight, with most selling under 300 dollars, and made from cheap 3 year old parts. 

In the mean time Apple gave us the Macbook Air. It was a 13 inch screen, crappy little Core2 processor, and more heat we could shake a stick at. OH, I forgot, no DVD drive.... and no network port.... And 1 USB port. So a 13 inch netbook. Yipee. But it found a home with people who love all things Apple and its had a 3 year life.

And then Steve comes out yesterday, and releases the 11 inch Macbook Air. Dont be confused, its not a netbook. It has no optical, no network, and still only 1 USB port. It has an old Core2 processor and a 64GB non-replaceable SSD drive. This looks like a 3 year old netbook honestly, and I'm not sure who would ever buy this crippled product.

OH right..... Apple Fanboys

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