Sunday, October 3, 2010

Need a Western Digital Hard drive? Just take one.

     So you're not too ready to pay 150 bucks for a 2TB Western Digital hard drive? Thats cool, just steal them. Hell, just steal 10800 them. According to the  New Straits Times, a group of ballsy thieves walked up to the airport, and drove a way a truck with 542 cases of hard drives. Grand total according to WD? 1.7 Million dollars in drives.

The police are questioning these men.

     The best part of this heist? The drivers came in through the Police door into the airport. Because it was unlocked. And they took the truck. Which magically had the keys in it. And security didn't stop them, because security was amazingly missing..... And it turns out 3 years ago, someone stole almost 10 million dollars of LCD monitors from the SAME airport..... Police think this is an inside job. REALLLY???

In other news, should have cheap WD drives starting next month.

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